36″ ‘Little Sister or Little Brother’ Gender Reveal Jumbo Confetti Latex Balloon


Our gender reveal balloon is the perfect way to let your little one know if they are going to have a little brother or sister! As you burst the balloon pink or blue confetti will cascade to the ground in a truly spectacular ‘Pop’. The most stunning way to reveal the gender of your baby and a moment to treasure – Remember to take lots of photos so the moment will last forever!

Each 36″ gender reveal balloon comes with pink or blue confetti and tassels in pink and blue around the string so the reveal remains a surprise until the popped. Each balloon is inflated with helium gas, comes with a white 1.5m string with curling ribbons attached and a water balloon weight. Each balloon can float up to 12 hours, depending on weather conditions and temperature of the surrounding air.

Available Options
It’s A Boy! – Blue Confetti
It’s A Girl! – Pink Confetti
It’s A Surprise! – If you’d like to keep the gender of the baby a surprise, get a representative to email us at hello@sprinkieparties.com with the gender of the baby at least two working days before order fulfilment.

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