How do I place my order?
Simply navigate through the various product categories, collections and occasions listed on our online store. Add the items you wish to purchase to your cart and indicate your delivery or pickup date and time at checkout.

Can I self-collect my balloons?
Yes, you may. All self collection orders are to be picked up from our store located at 308 Telok Kurau Road #01-23 Vibes @ East Coast Singapore 423858. Kindly choose the self pick-up option during checkout and indicate your preferred collection date and time.

Please note: We will only inflate the balloons close to your collection time to maximise your balloon float time. As such, kindly adhere to the scheduled collection timings.

Do you offer free delivery?
Yes! We offer free helium balloon delivery for all purchases that hit a minimum spend of $200.00 which will automatically be applied during checkout.

Do you deliver to Sentosa?
Yes, we do. Kindly indicate the exact delivery location upon checkout. Please also ensure that someone is present at the location to receive the order at the time of delivery, especially if it is a public outdoor area.

Do you sell uninflated balloons?
We do not sell uninflated balloons, unless otherwise specified on the product listing. All of our balloons and party decorations are designed to be enjoyed immediately.

I’m ordering balloons to send to someone as a gift. Can I include a message for the recipient?
Yes, all balloon orders placed with Sprinkie Parties comes with a complimentary message tag tied to it. You may indicate your message if any, during checkout.

I’ve ordered a customised bubble balloon. Am I able to choose the design of the print?
All our customised bubble balloon designs are made-to-order and specially designed by our designer. We do not make use of templates and each order is thoughtfully designed to suit the text given, theme, and recipient’s age. As such, no two designs are the same!

How long will the balloons in my order float?
Helium-filled latex balloon float times may vary depending on the size and style. Each product listing includes the estimated float time for the respective balloons. When ordering balloons (especially latex balloons), we recommend scheduling the collection or delivery on the actual day of your event.

Should you require the balloons to float longer than the standard float times, you may wish to top up for hi-float treatment (Only applicable for latex balloons) 

What is Hi-Float?
Hi float is a liquid sealant which is used to coat the inside surface of a latex balloon in order to reduce the speed of deflation. When used, float times are extended. Please refer below for extended float timings:

11″ Latex Balloons
Standard Float Time: 8 hours
Float Time After Hi-Float Treatment: 16 hours

18″ Latex Balloons
Standard Float Time: 24 hours
Float Time After Hi-Float Treatment: 48 hours

36″ Latex Balloons
Standard Float Time: 24 hours
Float Time After Hi-Float Treatment: 48 hours

Please note that the float times above are based on balloons that are kept indoors in a climate-controlled setting.

What’s the best way to prevent balloons from popping?
Do refer to our Balloon Care & Information page here.

I really love one of your products but it’s not in stock. Will you be restocking it soon?
There’s a good chance if you see something out of stock it’s going to be restocked soon. Different items have different turnaround times with some being quicker than the others. Drop us an email at with your product enquiry and we will advise from there.

I’ve booked a Staycation Surprise Package. Do you need me to be physically present at the hotel when you do the setup?
Different hotels have different policies. A few of them offer their guests the flexibility of allowing a third-party vendor to come by and execute the setup prior to guest check-in so that the room will be decorated once the guest enters. In such a scenario, they will usually require the vendors’ information for verification purposes.

However, most hotels do not allow this for security reasons. Most of the time, we will usually wait for the guest to check-in to the hotel first, and we will meet him or her at the reception so that the guest can escort us up to the room.

Sometimes the guest will leave us at work to fetch the birthday celebrant, and we will leave once setup is complete. In such a scenario, kindly ensure that no valuables are left behind in the room while the setup team is at work.

Where do all your products come from?
We curate and shortlist only the best quality and prettiest products from all over the world including USA, Europe, Asia and Australia to ensure you, our customer receives the best.

Do your balloons arrive inflated?
All balloons that require helium inflation will be handed over to you inflated, unless otherwise specified. For balloons that require normal air inflation, they will be delivered to you flat with a straw for customer’s own inflation.

Do your balloons come with weights?
Yes, the balloons come with water balloon weights. Should you require additional or fancy weights, please remember to add them to your order.

Can I change the colour of the balloon ribbon?
We will usually use white ribbon or a colour that matches your overall colour scheme / look for aesthetic appeal. Should you need your balloon string to be in a specific colour, please indicate your request in your order comments so that we can look into it.

Can I request for the longer balloon ribbons to suit my party needs?
All balloons come with a standard ribbon length meausring 1.5m. Sprinkie Parties will not extend the ribbon length unless the client has opted for set-up, at an additional cost.

Do you provide helium inflation for my self-sourced balloons?
Yes, if you have balloons purchased from elsewhere, we are able to assist with helium inflation. Kindly add the relevant options available here to your cart. Please drop your balloons off at our store at least 2 working days before the collection or delivery date.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee the quality of your self-sourced balloons. We will not be liable to replace faulty balloons after inflation. Should there be any defects on the balloon during inflation, the customer will still be charged for the helium inflation fee.

The confetti has stopped sticking to the side of my balloons. What can I do?
To make the confetti stick to the sides of the balloon, you may create some static within the balloon by rubbing the balloon on hair or clothing. The confetti will naturally be attracted and stick to the sides of the balloon where there is static.

My foil balloon looks a little deflated after some time. What can I do?
Have you moved your foil balloons from a warm area to a cold place? Helium contracts in cool air and makes balloons look deflated. Move them back into warm air and they will look full again. If all else fails, you can try supplementing more air into the balloon by inserting a drinking straw into the valve and blowing into it.

Can I reuse my foil balloons after my party?
It is possible to re-use most foil balloons. We cannot guarantee that it will work every time as they are fairly delicate – but it is worth a try! Expel the air from your balloon by inserting a long straw into the self sealing valve. The air will then start to come out and you can flatten and fold your balloon for future use.

I’ve ordered some items on your website. Would you be able to assist with setup on site?
Our party solutions have been thoughtfully designed to require little to no DIY to help our customers experience a fun and fuss-free celebration, combined with the convenience of low-contact delivery. However if the customer still requires assistance with a setup, we are able to do so at an additional styling fee. Please get in touch with us at should you require this service.

Do you guys have a physical store and is it open for walk-ins?
Yes, we do! We are located at 308 Telok Kurau Road #01-23 Vibes @ East Coast Singapore 423858 and our operating hours are 10AM – 3PM on Mondays – Fridays and 9AM – 2PM on Saturdays – Sundays.

Our physical store mainly acts as a collection point for self-collection orders but we do offer a very limited selection of balloons and party supplies to cater to last minute purchases.

Sprinkie Parties is primarily an online business, with a wide assortment of balloons and party supplies that can easily be purchased online. Kindly place all orders on our website as most of the items we offer online are not available for viewing or purchase in our physical store.

We only stock a limited selection of party supplies, cards and balloons in our physical store to cater to last minute purchases. We encourage all clients to easily place their order online at least 3 days before as we would hate to disappoint you, especially if you’ve taken the time to come all the way here.

I have an urgent order and I desperately need something from your store! Can you help?
For orders required less than 3 days away, please get in touch with us via Whatsapp at 66128199 or email as soon as possible so that we can check on stock availabilities and advise on how we can best assist you.

You may also drop by our store during our operating hours however kindly note that the selections available in store are very limited as compared to the ones available online.

I have cancelled my party, can I cancel my balloon order?
The moment your order is placed, our team begins preparing your unique order. This includes ordering of supplies to ensure stock availability on your fulfilment date.

For this reason, cancellations with more than 3 days of notice (Prior to scheduled pick up or delivery) will result in a 100% store credit to be used toward a future balloon purchase.

How can I redeem my credits that have been retained from a cancelled order?

We will usually issue you a promo code for the value of the credits retained for your use. Remember to key in the unique promo code during check-out to offset the value of the credits from your purchase. Do also remember to make use of the same email address when checking out for your future purchase.

Cancellations of balloon orders less than 3 days’ notice will not be refunded. Please refer here for more information on cancelling your balloon order.