24″ Customised Clear Bubble Balloon (Filled with Mini Balloons)


Make someone’s day with this Instagram worthy customisable bubble balloon filled with mini balloons!

Each 24″ bubble balloon comes with a customised print with mini balloons inside, matched with a cute bow and a matching tassel. Balloon will be inflated with helium and tied with a 1.8m white curling ribbon & a water balloon weight.

You may indicate up to 25 characters for your printed wordings on the balloon. Balloon will be designed to suit the indicated theme, celebrant’s age, occasion and colour scheme, based on what our design team feel would look best. If you have any special requests, do indicate them in your order notes and we will try our best to accede to them. A mock up will not be provided.

Float Time When inflated with helium, the floating time for this balloon is 2 days to a week. Balloons will be inflated 1 hour before the scheduled delivery / collection time. For long lasting balloons, keep balloons indoors at room temperature.

Points to Note Do not leave balloons in a hot vehicle as this will cause it to pop. Even a few minutes can cause the balloon to expand, which may damage the seams. Balloons may shrink in a cold environment but will return to normal once it is back to a warmer room temperature. Sun, wind, tree branches, and other sharp objects can cause damage to your balloons. Keep indoors for best float times.

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    It is important to select a print colour that has contrast to the balloon colours. We recommend choosing black if you'd like it to look clear in photos!

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